Info Pool has some ideas to help you get the very best from your Apple tablet. We have collated 19 of the best tricks that you may need for your iPad Air.

Remember, our tips are here to get the most from your iPad and this advice isn’t to repair your device. If you are in serious need of your iPad fixed, we recommend going to the professionals rather than attempting it yourself.

For example, Square Repair is a London based tablet and phone repair specialist that offers services across the UK. For those that cannot get to their store in Liverpool Street, you can select a mail-in option when browsing their website. Click here to book in your iPad Air repair.

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Splitting the keyboard:

When you have your keyboard open, touch and hold on both sides and swipe towards the edge of your screen. This will make the keyboard split in two.

To stick the keyboard back together, simply hold both sides of the keyboard and swipe into the middle.

Turning on your emojis:

If you going into Settings, General, Keyboard, International Keyboards, Add New Keyboards and then select emoji, you will have a range of fun and exciting smiley faces to choose from. Never let your texts get boring.

Click here to see the best emojis.

Using autofill:

This hack is going to make online shopping much easier by automatically putting your details into web forms. This will save you typing them out every time you need something filling out.

To do this, you should add yourself as a contact and use all necessary features. Once done, you can go into Settings, Safari, Autofill and click ‘Use Contact Info’ and then select the correct contact. More information can be found here.