iPhone 8 Sales - Latest Tech News

In September, Apple released the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with another release date of the 3rd of November for the iPhone X. However, reports suggest that people are buying more iPhone 7’s than iPhone 8’s.

Although Apple hasn’t yet released sales numbers, it seems the phone has had quite a muted response since being released in September. There are a number of factors that may be contributing to Apple’s poor sales, the main one is that most people are holding out for the iPhone X. Want to know our thoughts on this situation? Get in touch with us.

In addition, people have suggested that if you already have the iPhone 7, there isn’t much of a difference between that and the 8. The iPhone 7 is also around £200 cheaper than the iPhone 8, making it an attractive option for new users.

Looking at iPhone X sales

Since Apple hasn’t released figures, it is extremely hard to tell if the sales are down from last year, but as said before, most think that people are holding out for the iPhone X. I guess we will have to take a look at sales after November 3rd and really assess how Apple is doing!

If you’re hoping to pre-order the iPhone X, you can do on October 27th.

Buy all of your accessories beforehand

As it is likely that many people are going to purchase the iPhone X, we recommend buying all accessories now to avoid disappointment later. Accessories include phone cases, wireless charging base and earphones.